Origins delivers ‘valuable’ and ‘insightful’ BHBIA webinar

Origins delivers ‘valuable’ and ‘insightful’ BHBIA webinar

[15 November 2022]

As active members of the BHBIA (British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association), Origins was honoured to host a recent educational webinar entitled “Improving health care by understanding patient sentiment & preference”.

It has long been known that if healthcare providers obtain an understanding of patients’ preferences relating to their care & treatment, then better decisions can be made. But how can pharma better understand patient sentiment and preferences, and why would they want to..?

Our Head of Research, Sheetal Padania, and Director, Su Smith, presented an engaging, educational session which aimed to:

  • Explore the impact that understanding patients’ emotions and -preferences can have on products at any stage of the lifecycle
  • Look at how pharma companies can benefit
  • Highlight the changing nature of patients’ preferences and discuss the various ways in which agencies can better understand patient sentiment and preference

This was a members only event. The webinar recording is available for members at Alternatively, please contact the Origins team to find out more: