Webinar recording now available

“End-to-end patient strategy: making a treatment for patients, with patients” – Webinar now available to watch!

[20 January 2023]

In December 2022, Director of Origins, Su Smith was joined by Daniel de Schryver, Patient Engagement & Advocacy Lead, Europe, Middle-East and Africa at Janssen and Emma Sutcliffe, Global Head of Patient Affairs at Ipsen to discuss and explore the integration of patient engagement in all stages of a product lifecycle.

The topics covered included; what does ‘end-to-end’ encompass, and what does this mean for drug development companies, regulators, healthcare professionals and, of course, patients themselves? Emma and Daniel brought their experience and expertise to the conversation, ensuring a lively and informative discussion.

You can find a recording of the Webinar in our ‘Knowledge Centre’. At 59 minutes long, it’s the perfect lunch break watch!